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Please note that this is a guide only and Lekker Camper can not be held responsible if any of the information is incorrect or out of date. In in doubt, please check with the appropriate body or ask a member of Lekker Camper.



There are in excess of 1,500 campsites around South Africa in some of the best locations. Having rented a Lekker Camper, you should have no problem in finding great and cheap accommodation all over South Africa. Lekker Camper provide an up-to-date campsite guide and maps with all Volkswagen Campervan rentals so you can plan en route depending on how the day takes you. You can also rent a GPS from Lekker Camper if you wish. There are hepas of campites listed online - check out camping on Google Maps.

The majority of towns in South Africa have a municipal camp site which vary from very basic to clean and wonderful! There are also a lot of private and national park campsites scattered around the country. 

Most campsites have electricity to plug your campervan straight into 220V using the external fitted plug and long electrical cable. Some very remote or rural campsites may not provide electricity, in which case it is good to hire a solar package with your campervan. There are normally clean bathrooms with showers and baths, washing up areas and braai (bbq) facilities. Some also have a swimming pool, spa, sauna, natural hot water baths, washing machines, on site shop, restaurants, sports facilities, wildlife, safari opportunities and more.

If you are travelling during South Africa main holiday season then it may be advisable to pre-book some of your campsites, particularly in the more popular areas, although they can often squeeze you in when you rock up with your VW camper – the only exception may be in the national parks over Friday or Saturday nights.  The beautiful Garden Route and coastal regions specifically get very busy during the Christmas holiday from mid December to early January. National Parks including Addo Elephant National Park and Kruger Park often get fully booked at any time during the year, so it may be advisable to book online if you want to guarantee availability at a particular camp. You can check out the South African National Parks website on where you can read about all the parks, tariffs and check availability and book online.  Depending on how many nights your are planning to spend in a national park then it may also be worth looking up the Wild card that SAN parks sell.

If you need assistance or advice with campsite bookings then we at Lekker Camper are happy to help.

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Can we camp next to the road?

In short - no, we can not recommend this. Most service / petrol stations in South Africa have a rest area where any motorists can take a short break from driving. At your own choice, you can sleep in the Lekker Camper at such a stop. However with so many great campsites all over South Africa surely it is a waste of your time to spend an evening in a petrol station. It is always advisable to find a campsite before dark. Even the smallest towns usually have a campsite.

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Do we need to book Campsites in Advance?

In general you do not need to book campsites in advance.

However, if you are planning to visit during the Summer Holidays from 10 December - 10 January or other peak holiday times such as Easter, then we strongly advise you to book at coastal campsites. Most South African's have a long holiday during this period and many choose to migrate to the seaside during the summer holidays. On the other hand, inland caravan parks may be quiet during this time.

South African National Park (SAN Parks) campsites can also fill up quickly especially during bank holiday weekends, so we encourage our customers to make advance bookings if possible. Look up & book at national parks on

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Standard Lekker Cover (Free)
Standard cover is included in the daily rate on all Volkswagen Campervan rentals and Volkswagen Kombis and Caravelles and Toyota Prado 4x4 rentals. In the event of any damage to either a Lekker Camper vehicle or third party vehicle / property, the hirer will be liable for the excess. Terms & Conditions apply.
Note: The hirer will also be fully liable for replacement or repair of windscreen and / or radio, all tyre damage and interior furnishings damage or loss

You can upgrade the standard cover to reduce your excess if you wish:

Well Lekker Cover / Super Cover (Only available for rentals 10 days +)
Well Lekker Cover will reduce the excess for any damage to either the Lekker Camper Hire vehicle or third party vehicle / property . The option of Well Lekker Cover will also waive the excess for replacement or repair of radio. Terms & Conditions apply.
Note: hirer is responsible for all windscreen, tyre damage and interior furnishings damage or loss

* The cover excess will be locked on the primary driver's credit card.
* We strongly advise travellers to get their own travel insurance before travelling to Africa.
* You are advised to read our terms and conditions prior to booking or ask questions if you need any clarification.

see terms & conditions for full detail

All our vehicles come with full comprehensive 24:7 AA Fleetcare Plus cover for free (South Africa) and the Lekker Camper team are only a call away.

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Can I Cross Borders in your Vehicles?

South Africa is bordered by 6 countries - Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

Please check with Lekker Camper prior to booking if you would like to cross the border out of South Africa. Lekker Camper reserves the right to restrict travel to certain countries or areas as they deem appropriate.

In order to take a rental vehicle across a border you need to have a letter of authority and vehicle papers from Lekker Camper. You will need to request this when you book the vehicle and it will detail which countries you are allowed to travel into. The excess is generally doubled for cross border rentals, a cross border fee may apply and there is a minimum rental period. Terms and conditions also apply.

Vehicles are currently allowed into Lesotho and Swaziland only when requested at time of booking.

Under special circumstances we may allow vehicles into Namibia and Botswana, where requested and agreed in written form prior to booking. An additional cross border fee will apply.

Travel into Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia & Zimbabwe is currently not allowed under any circumstances.

Most countries impose a cross border charge and/or road tax on entry for the vehicle, a trailer and some nationalities. If you are tight on cash then check with the appropriate tourist information service before you go.

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What Happens if the vehicle breaks down?

Every Lekker Camper vehicle is regularly maintained to an extremely high standard. Each vehicle is fully checked before it is delivered to our customers using a comprehensive safety and mechanical checklist. In addition, all our vehicles are protected 24:7 with AA Fleetcare Plus in South Africa giving you complete peace of mind on your vacation. The following services are included:

  • 24-hour, 7 days breakdown assistance
  • roadside repair service
  • flat battery service
  • tyre change service
  • key lockout service
  • tow to safety
  • emergency fuel
  • AA Mayday medical assistance
  • and more....

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Easy as 1 .... 2 .... 3 - booking process

In order to secure an advance booking for a Lekker Camper then you can easily book online:


  1. Quick Response: Lekker Camper will respond to your booking within 24 working hours to confirm the booking.
  2. Your credit card shall be debited with the R1,500 deposit. Alternatively you can pay by EFT.

If for any reason the vehicle is not available on the booked day then Lekker Camper shall be happy to refund the booking confirmation deposit. For full cancellation policy see terms and conditions

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Where do we collect the Vehicle from?

We offer a free Meet & Greet service at Cape Town International airport. We also deliver to all other major airports such as Port Elizabeth, George, Johannesburg & Durban as listed in our locations. A member of the Lekker Camper team shall meet you direct from your flight at Domestic or International Arrivals with a board showing your name & flight number. You will be escorted to the Vehicle where all the relevant documentation will be completed.

We also deliver to your Hotel or home address in Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Gordons Bay or Strand. Other locations such as Knysna and Hermanus are available on request.

On the day of departure we shall meet you at the agreed location. We shall require: - the remaining balance of the account to be paid by cash or advance EFT lock the insurance excess on your credit card and the cross border deposit (only if applicable), your valid drivers licence (must be in English and with photo) and valid South African i.d. or full passport (n.b. the originals must be available for inspection). We also require a standard vehicle contract and inventory to be signed to protect both parties.

Before driving off in the Lekker Camper, a member of the Lekker crew shall take you through the vehicle to show you all the lekker gizmos and gadgets and ensure that you are happy and know where everything is.

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The below distances are in kms:

1004 Cape Town                  
534 1753 Durban                
586 1099 679 East London              
869 438 1317 638 George            
398 1402 630 1002 1285 Johannesburg          
177 962 811 780 824 472 Kimberley        
932 629 1254 575 63 1351 887 Knysna      
743 506 1377 575 60 1170 698 123 Oudtshoorn    
968 665 1218 538 99 1387 923 36 159 Plettenberg Bay  
577 769 1003 324 314 1099 1138 251 374 215 Port Elizabeth
456 1460 636 1040 1229 58 530 1417 1199 1348 1133 Pretoria
570 1314 445 234 872 862 747 809 932 773 558 920 Umtata

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Does the driver need a special Drivers License to drive in South Africa?

You need a full and valid driving licence to drive legally on South African roads which must include your photo and signature.

If your licence is not in one of the official languages of South Africa, you must get a signed letter of translation of the licence by a competent authority. Alternatively we recommend obtaining an International Driving Permit from the country where you obtained your driver's licence before coming to South Africa.

If you have been granted South African permanent residence, you must convert your foreign driving licence to a South African one within a year of receiving your permanent residence permit. If you fail to convert your licence within one year, it will be regarded as invalid.

Please note: An International Driving Permit (IDP) may only be obtained from the country where you obtained your driver's licence.

You do NOT need a PDP license to drive any of our vehicles - with the exception of the 14 Seater Toyota Quantum. All our campers are standard size and makes them ideal for driving in cities and even parking in multi story car parks.

In order to drive the 14 Seater Quantum the driver requires a PDP licence.

A PDP licence is a Public Drivers Permit. In 2012, it was replaced by a Professional Driving Permit (PrDP). The purpose of the PrDP was to expand the scope of drivers that had to be medically sound and display an impeccable driving record. This is to ensure that the drivers who are mostly on the road or transport dangerous goods or are entrusted with transporting many passengers (more than 12 passengers) at once have satisfied the legal requirements of being medically fit and not having a criminal record relating to driving or behaviour towards people.

In South Africa, you can apply for a PrDP at any Driving Licence Testing Centre (DLTC). You will have to take your ID, 4 photos and complete form PD1 at the DLTC. Once you have paid the application fee you will be issued with a form MC that has to be completed by a medical practitioner. You will also be referred to the nearest SAPS station for a criminal record check. For other countries, please check with your local Driving Authority.

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Does a 2-Berth Volkswagen camper have enough space to accommodate our child?

Yes, our 2½  Berth VW Campervans can accomodate a toddler or child up to about 5 years old or older in the 2½  Berth Africana VW T5 Campervans. You can find out more information on the ½  berth information page. Please advise the gender, age and height of your child when booking to ensure we give you the most suitable equipment for a great holiday.

All our Volkswagen campervans have 4-5 seats for travelling (2 in the front and 2-3 in the rear). Our Safari Toyota campers are designed for 2 people but can seat 3 people (2 in front and 1 in back) on request with teh hire on a n adiitonal ground tent for the third person.

For older children or when there are more than 2 adults camping, then you can rent a 4-berth VW T5 Africana campervan. These modern VW campervans comfortably accomodate 2 people inside the campervan in a double bed and 2 people in a roof top tent.

We can supply additional tents, mattresses, bedding and equipment for a small cost. Select this in 'Optional Extras' when making your booking.

If you have specific requirements then contact us - we will always try our best to make a good plan for you.

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Drinking water is generally safe & palatable across all of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland unless specifically stated to the contrary. If in doubt then ask a local. If still in doubt drink bottled water which is available at most supermarkets, shops, cafes, restaurants & service stations. If this is not available then you may consider using water purification tablets.

Southern Africa is hot and droughts can occur. We ask all our customers to please respect the water restrictions during the summer and never waste water.

Always carry plenty of water when travelling as distances between service stations and shops can be very far and long. Never underestimate how long a journey may actually take you!

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Drive on the left-hand side in South Africa. The majority of roads in South Africa are of good quality tarmac and link all major areas of the country. Be careful after a rainy spell as the roads are very slippery & watch out for windy conditions. Specifically slow down in case of side winds. Also watch out for other drivers - there are many unroadworthy vehicles around and driving skills aren't always 100%.

Speed limits may be indicated, otherwise:

  • Urban freeways 80km/h
  • Open freeways 120km/h (For your safety and the safety of others the maximum allowed speed limit is 110km/h in any lekker camper vehicle)
  • Built-up areas 60km/h

SPEED KILLS - There are speed cameras that do work and traffic police are often hiding in a ditch at the side of the road to catch you out so ...don't speed!, especially in towns, where if you don't get caught out by the police it is quite possible that you could run over an animal, child or inebriated person.

Please note that the law is always subject to change.

  • DO NOT DRINK + DRIVE - Currently the legal blood/alcohol limit is is a breath alcohol content of 0.24mg per 1,000ml, or a blood alcohol limit of 0.05g per 100ml - approx. 2 drinks (although have 1 or none to be on the safe side)
  • NO MOBILE PHONES - It is against the law to use your cell phone whilst driving. Pull over before dialling out or answering a call or text.
  • SEATBELTS PLEASE - It is compulsory for both drivers + passengers to wear their seatbelts
  • ALWAYS CARRY YOUR DRIVING LICENCE WITH YOU WHEN DRIVING - This is a legal requirement and the police may not allow you to continue driving if you are found without one.

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Electrical appliances are run on 220/240 volts, 50Hz. Outlets are of the round, 3-pin type and sometimes the 2-pin type.

All campervans have an external 220V plug fitted to the exterior of the vehicle and a long power lead so that you can easily plug straight into electricity at any campsite.

All campervans have a multi-way adaptor inside the vehicle so you can plug in all your devices such as recharging camera batteries or your laptop.

There are very occasional spells of powercuts, so it may be advisable to carry a small torch if you are scared of the dark! Lekker Camper provide a 12V quality light in all campervans just incase. Most campsites should have backup generators.

In all the lekker campervans, we provide both a 220V electric light and a portable & rechargeable camping light. In the T5 Africana campervans there is LED lighting powered by the solar system.

To give you complete freedom, you can book Solar Power for your campervan rental. The solar system is included for free on all VW T5 Africana. Check out the detail on our Solar Package page.

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Due to extreme dry climate across Southern Africa at certain times of the year (usually the dry summer months) there are fire restrictions. These are usually advertised on the radio or on boards by the road so keep an eye out. Please do take heed of fire restrictions, as fire is a huge problem in Southern Africa that destroys forests, animal habitats and homes.

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There are 11 official languages in South Africa. Noone here expects you to speak all of them (most South Africans only speak 1 or 2 themselves) - although a little bit of effort with the appropriate Thankyou, Dankie (Afrikaans), Ngiyabonga (Zulu), Enkosi (Xhosa).... goes a long way.

Generally you will get by in most places with English and the occasional bit of drawing and pointing thrown in for good measure.

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See for some great maps.

We provide detailed maps covering South Africa. You also get a camping guide included with every camper rental that has additional maps and indicates all the campsites. If you want to take the hassle out of map reading then we do offer an optional GPS on rental too - just add it when you make your booking.

If you need advice on routes then please check out out example itineraries or ask a member of Lekker Camper.

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It is advisable to take out full medical insurance before coming to Southern Africa as undoubtedly you may receive the most prompt treatment in private medical facilities. Whilst there are plenty of public hospitals, which you can visit for small fees, these hospitals are often stretched to capacity. The private hospitals in South Africa offer a first class service with the same facilities that you would expect in a hospital in Europe or America.

Before your holiday contact your doctor to discuss what vaccinations he/she suggests you get. The vaccinations you may need will depend on exactly where you are visiting and what you may be exposed to. Generally you should not need any vaccinations for the Western Cape or Garden Route. This area is also malaria free.

If you experience any of the following symptoms then it is advisable to visit the nearest health facility for proper diagnosis and prompt treatment: fever, bad headaches, backache, diarrhoea, vomiting, general feeling of unwellness, rash or swelling. This list is not exhaustive. If you feel unwell and suspect that something may be wrong, then do not hesitate to go to your nearest health facility without delay.


AIDS Helpline tel: 0800 012 322

HIV and AIDS is undoubtedly a real problem in Southern Africa that should not be taken lightly. Statistics say that there are over 5.5million people living with HIV in South Africa, although many believe this to be a huge underestimate. Certainly 100s of people in Southern Africa - adults and children die every day from AIDS related illnesses. It is estimated that 2:1 women:men have contracted HIV due to issues such as with men having multiple partners, lack of respect for women, rape. There is still a high spread of HIV in Southern Africa due to lack of education, poverty, cultural and social issues, misinformation and much more. Unfortunately, it is not a disease that is going away in a hurry and it is still being heavily spread. If you do decide to sleep with someone whilst on holiday here, then PLEASE use adequate protection for both parties sake.


  • for leading information/advice/event info
  • to see how the AIDS Foundation of South Africa are making a real difference and how YOU can help
  • there are many other HIV/AIDS websites that you can access - just type 'hiv in south africa' in your search engine

Malaria is only prevalent in certain areas of Southern Africa. Malaria is transmitted to people by the bite of an infective mosquito, which commonly bites after dark.

Prevention - the following measures may help to reduce the risk of mosquito bites :

  • apply mosquito repellant to exposed areas and clothing
  • wear long sleeved clothing and trousers
  • avoid dark colours - they attract mosquitos
  • sleep under a mosquito net - all lekker campervans have 2 windows with mosquito nets
  • avoid going out between dusk & dawn
  • before your holiday consult your doctor to discuss taking appropriate malaria prevention drugs - prophylaxis
Ambulance tel: 10 177
Netcare 24hr emergency tel: 082 911
Er 24 tel: 084 124
Citi-Med tel: 080 033 3911

Visit: for up-to-date articles and information regarding health in Southern Africa.

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The currency in South Africa is the South African Rand - ZAR which comes in Rands (R) and cents (c). This South African Rand can also be used in Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana & Namibia.

There are 100 cents to the Rand. the Rand comes in the following denominations: - R200, R100, R50, R20, R10 and coins in R5, R2, R1, 50c, 20c, 10c and 5c.

There are plenty of commercial banks and foreign exchange bureaus in most towns and cities across South Africa. Most banks open from 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays from 08:30 to 14:00. Branches in smaller towns may close earlier - between 13:00 and 14:00.

ATM's are readily available in all major towns at banks, garages, shopping malls etc. They will accept most International bank and credit cards.

Most International credit, debit and Pin + chip cards are accepted at formal businesses. Be very very careful with your credit cards - you will quickly notice that virtually no shops ever check your signature, which means that if you lose or have your card stolen then it is very susceptible to fraud.

Expect to use cash at most markets, road side stalls etc.

Travellers cheques can be exchanged for cash at commercial banks and foreign exchange bureaus.

Accepted tipping rate is between 10-15% if you are happy with the service you have received.

It is customary in South Africa to pay a parking attendant for looking after your vehicle whilst you are away. Generally people tip from R2 up to R5 depending on how long you have left your car, whether the attendant helped you with your bags etc. It is a great way to lighten your pockets of change and give to those who are trying to earn a decent living. Generally parking attendants can be recognised as they wear orange parking waistcoats and they will normally approach you after you have parked your car to ask if they can look after it for you. In towns and cities you may have to pay for your parking according to time spent.

Spare a thought for the people living on the streets and begging at traffic lights / robots. Whilst Lekker Camper does not condone begging, it is very tough to get a job in South Africa and wages are very low. Typically a domestic worker earns between R120-R180 per day. We do not recommend giving money to beggars directly, but if you have spare change then please donate to a worthwhile charity of your choice or pass it on to Lekker Camper who will be happy to distribute it to a worthwhile cause on your behalf.

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There are great National Parks across Southern Africa which offer the traveller a selection of accommodation and some fantastic campsites. It is a great way to get up close to african wildlife, nature, flora & fauna and is much cheaper than private game reserves.

Some favourite Lekker Camper National Parks include - Storms River, Natures Valley, Addo National Elephant Park, Bontebok, Table Mountain & Cape Point.

To contact South African National (SAN) Parks phone: 012 307 4135 or check out their website on If you are going to visit many national parks, then it may be worthwhile investing in a Wild Card that allows you free or reduced access to some/all National Parks.

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All rentals must start or finish in the Cape Town area.

Pick-ups or drop-offs to major airports (Durban King Shaka airport, East London airport, George airport, Johannesburg O.R.Tambo airport, Port Elizabeth airport) and Knysna town are subject to a one-way fee. This is by prior arrangement and a minimum rental term applies.

Standard one way fees and minimum rental durations are as follows:

Location Fees each way Minimum Duration
Peak Times + Christmas 2019 (18th Dec - 4th Jan)
Min duration

Closed Dates

CAPE TOWN EAST - Cape Town International airport, Somerset West, Strand, Stellenbosch and Gordons Bay
R 0
5 days 
8 days 

24th Dec 2019 - 1st Jan 2020

CAPE TOWN CENTRAL & OTHER - Blouberg, Cape Town Central, Durbanville, Fishhoek, Franschoek, Kommetjie, Simons Town
R 200
5 days 
8 days 
Durban 'King Shaka' Airport 
R 5,200
22 days 
25 days 
16th Dec 2019 - 3rd Jan 2020
East London Airport 
R 4,000
20 days 
25 days 
George Airport 
R 1,750
10 days 
12 days 
22nd Dec 2019 - 2nd Jan 2020
Johannesburg 'O.R.Tambo' Airport 
R 4,950
20 days 
20 days 
20th Dec 2019 - 3rd Jan 2020
Knysna Town 
R 1,850
10 days 
12 days 
22nd Dec 2019 - 2nd Jan 2020
Port Elizabeth Airport 
R 2,900
12 days 
14 days 
21st Dec 2019 - 3rd Jan 2020
Windhoek Airport (Safari campers only)
R 6,500
20 days 
22 days 
20th Dec 2019 - 3rd Jan 2020

Other locations are available on request.

Please Note: Our policy is subject to change dependant on bookings, season and fluctuating travel costs and availability

Please contact us for more information if required.

: ALL Prices are in South African Rands (ZAR) and are subject to change.

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Petrol is readily available across South Africa. Africans love to travel too so you will find petrol in the majority of towns - small and large.

Make sure that you do not run out of petrol - the distances between towns can often be very far and deceiving on the maps and you could drive 100kms without seeing another car let alone another petrol station!

Petrol prices are controlled by the government and generally cheaper by the coast and more expensive inland due to the associated additional transportation costs.

Nowadays, you can normally pay for petrol with your credit card. Always have some cash to hand just in case this facility is not available.

Lekker Camper provide a full gas canister in all campervans so it is unlikely that you will run out. You can purchase gas to refill the campervan's gas cylinder in most towns. Hardware shops and/or petrol stations are a good place to ask - if they don't have gas then they most certainly should know who does.

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General Opening hours: Weekdays 08:30 to 16:30, Saturdays 08:00 to 12:00 (smaller post offices may close between 13:00 and 14:00

The postal service in South Africa is generally good, but can be slow. As all around the world it is never advisable to send cash. There are also many excellent courier services networking across the country.

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There is a lot of hype about safety in Southern Africa, some of it completely exaggerated and unfounded. However, there is a lot of poverty in Southern Africa and with poverty does come crime. Most towns are making a considerable effort in driving down crime and making areas safer. This includes introducing CCTV, improved lighting and security guards. The general rule of thumb that applies around the world also applies here.

  • Avoid dark unlit areas
  • Avoid driving after dark
  • Don't wander the streets at night time alone
  • Don't carry large wads of cash
  • If you feel unsafe in an area then leave
  • Don't sit at traffic lights/robots with your windows wide open and your valuables on display
  • Don't leave any valuables on display in your vehicle - remember out of sight, out of mind
  • Take special precautions at lonely lookout points
  • Don't look like a tourist - cameras,video cameras and bum bags all give it away!
  • If in doubt, ask locals about areas to be avoided




The major towns and cities of South Africa have some fantastic shops to explore, particularly Cape Town and Johannesburg which have some great designs from newly emerging designers.

Many towns also have malls where the major chains can be found. The malls are handy for parking.

There is a market wave gushing through South Africa at the moment so you will find that there are many fantastic organic food, craft brewery, home produce, craft and artisan markets across South Africa (especially in the Western Cape) where you can pick up awesome produce, gifts, African curios and handcrafts whilst listening to live music and drinking a craft beer. Ask Lekker Camper for more details about markets in specific towns and/or cities. As in any market across the world it is wise to watch your wallet.

There are great supermarkets, grocers and delis across South Africa often with excellent quality produce.
You can purchase wine in supermarkets and all liquor in liquor shops which are normally located close to the supermarkets. It is also well worth visiting the fabulous wineries and craft breweries along your travels.

Opening hours vary but general shops are open Weekdays 08:30 to 17:00 (08:00 - 19:00 in cities) and Weekends 08:30 to 17:30 in malls. High streets opening hours are generally Weekdays 08:30 to 17:00 and Saturdays 08:30 to 12:00. Many petrol stations have 24:7 convenience stores.

It is worth keeping receipts for high value products as you can claim a VAT refund on presentation of receipt and purchase item at point of exit from South Africa. Currently the total claim must exceed R250.

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We recommend that you bring soft luggage so that you can unpack all your clothes and personal belongings into your campervan and fold your bag away. There is plenty of storage provided in custom designed drawers and cupboards in the campervans. If you have hard cases or large bags then Lekker Camper can safely store any luggage and/or bags that you may wish to leave behind - this is a free service. If possible, please advise us in advance of your booking,

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The International telephone dialling code to dial into South Africa is +27. To phone another country from South Africa dial +00 infront of the country's number.

There are a few public phones available in South Africa in the town high streets and the malls.

Subject to RICA you can purchase a cheap PAYG SIM card for use in your mobile/cell phone - if you would like to buy one of these through Lekker Camper then email to request this.

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South Africa is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, 1 hour ahead of Central European Winter Time, 7 hours ahead of USA's Eastern Standard Winter Time.

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Please note that the below list is not exhaustive. If you are looking for something then you can always contact a member of the Lekker crew who will be pleased to help you.

Tourist Board
Website - www.
Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism 041 582 2575
NAMAKWA Tourism 027 718 2985/6
Greater Cape Town 021 426 4260
West Coast 022 433 8484
Cape Winelands 021 883 8871
Overberg 028 214 1466
Garden Route / Klein Karoo 044 873 6314
Central Karoo 023 449 1000/16
Northern Cape Tourism Authority 053 833 1434

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Tourists from most western countries do not need to arrange a visa in advance. You will automatically receive a free 3 month tourist visa on Arrival.

Visit the Department of Home Affairs website : for the most up-to-date information regarding visas

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Phone 082 162 for a weather report or see

SUMMER: October to April

WINTER: May to September

During the day then the general attitude towards clothing is relaxed. In the evening a smarter style may be appreciated when going out in some areas, particularly at a club, bar or restaurant.

Visitors should pack both warm and cold clothing for South Africa. The temperatures can vary greatly within a season depending on things like what side of the mountain you are on! Even on a really hot Summer day the evenings can get extremely cold.

Temperatures can drop to below freezing in the winter inland and rise to well over a whopping 40 degrees Celsius in the summer.

Everyone talks about the sun in Africa being hot and dangerous. This is not hype - the sun can burn and damage your skin really badly, even on a milder day. The hole in the ozone layer is huge and directly above South Africa. Wear high factor sunscreen (30+) and protective clothing.

You may need: hats; sunglasses; flip flops (essential when camping), high factor sun screen; lip balm; moisturiser; insect repellant

You can buy everything in South Africa and it can be very good quality (just the same or better than at home) . There really are plenty of normal pharmacies and shops in all the South African towns that stock pretty much everything that you can get hold of at home. Support the economy in South Africa where you can by BUYING SOUTH AFRICA.

Cape Town Weather Forecast, South Africa

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