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Camping is the perfect holiday with your young family as evenings can be spent at the campsite listening to the ocean or under the stars whilst your little one is fast asleep in the campervan next to you. Little ones generally LOVE camping, the outdoors and all the fun and activity that goes with a holiday in a VW campervan.

In a Lekker Camper VW campervan you have instant access to your belongings, a bed, food and cool drinks at all times. Many of our customers with little babies and toddlers have asked for Lekker Camper to provide them with additional equipment for their little one. In response to this growing demand Lekker Camper can now provide a 1/2 berth addition to our 2-berth VW T3 'Classic' and VW T5 'Africana' Campervan models.

The 1/2 berths may be ideal for children up to the age of 6 years old. In the VW T5 Africana model, the hammock style bed may be suitable for children up to the age of 8 years old, as the bed is longer. All families and children are unique and different. It really does depend on you and your childs preferences and their size as to what setup will suit you best. Please check the bed dimensions and detail below before booking. Just pop us an email if you have any queries!


Our recommendation for babies or young children:
Lekker Camper really recommend renting a 2.5 berth Africana T5 campervan with a hammock style cab bed (depending on the size of your child). This is a long wheel based campervan with a large fridge/freezer so has ample space for you and your baby/toddler to have a great relaxing holiday.


Our recommendation for older children:
If you want to travel with older children and/or more than 1 child then Lekker Camper can recommend renting a 4 berth VW T5 Africana campervan model which includes a rooftop tent and comes with all sleeping, living and eating equipment for another 2 people.

What is included in the 1/2 Berth?

All 1/2 berths include the following additional equipment:

- 1/2 berth Bed - see description & dimensions below
- Bedding: Pillow, sheet & duvet or pillow & sleeping bag (your choice of either)
- Crockery - plate, bowl, cutlery, cup & mug
- Chair/stool

- Optional Car Seat:You can optionally add a baby seat or toddler seat in the additional extras when booking. Some customers prefer to bring their own seats. (Note: the VW T3/T25 Classic Campervans have factory fitted lapbelts in the rear. The VW T5 Africana campervans have 3 point seatbelts throughout.)

Lekker Camper offer different model campervans with an additional 1/2 berth bed made to measure and designed unique to each of these layouts. All beds are very easy and quick to set up:


VW Classic T3/T25 Campervan 1/2 Berth Bed:

  • Bed dimensions: 500mm (width) x 1160mm (length)
  • This bed is a simple small mattress that you place along the floor of the walkway at night time.
  • Due to the position and small size this is suitable for small toddlers only.
  • During the day time, the mattress can be stored in the rear of the campervan.

VW Africana T5 Campervan 1/2 Berth Hammock Cab Bed:

  • Bed dimensions: 650mm (width 500mm at narrow end) x 1500mm (full length 1700mm including poles)
  • This is a great design of a hammock style bed raised above the front driver/passenger seats that fits neatly along this front compartment of the VW T5 campervan. Designed to sit across the cab area resting on the top of the door panels this means that you have full use of the rest of the campervan whilst your little one is sleeping. This is the largest bed size of the 3 campervan models and is designed for children up to age 8 in mind (this depends on your preference and the size and weight of your child).
    OR You may opt for the basic small mattress on the floor of the walkway (see 'Classic VW Campervan 1/2 Berth Bed ' description above & tell us when you book)
  • During the day time, the bed can easily be rolled up and stored in the large rear storage area
Select the 2.5 berth option when getting your quote or making your booking.

In the notes please tell us about your little one including their name, gender, approximate weight/height and age. This helps us to provide the most appropriate equipment for you.


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