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Volkswagen T5 Campervan

The epitome of African glamping for the 21st century with stunning bamboo countertop complementing gorgeous white cabinetry and stainless steel finishes - the luxury look that makes you say 'Wow'!

2½ Berth: Book an additional cab bed for a young child to make this campervan perfect for the couple or young family on holiday in South Africa.

Vehicle Specifications
5 speed
1100 kms

Alarm Alarm Radio / CD Radio
Central locking Radio Cruise control Radio
Power Steering Radio Dual Battery Radio
Camping Guide Camp guide Equipment Equiped
Maps Radio Solar system Radio
Tyre repair kit Radio Glamping Radio
  • kitchen
  • Swing out kitchen
  • 2 Ring Gas stove
  • Matches / Lighter
  • Large Gas Bottle
  • Fire extinguisher
  • 80 litre 12V & 220V Fridge
  • Solar system
  • Solar System
  • Dual Battery
  • Inverter
  • Internal plugs
  • Lighting
  • Long Hookup cable
  • washing up
  • Washing up Moveable Sink
  • Dishcloth & tea towels
  • Running water
  • crockery
  • Crockery
  • Cutlery & steak knives
  • Dinner plates
  • Tea plates
  • Breakfast bowls
  • Coffee cups high quality
  • Wine goblets
  • Glass tumblers
  • Metal glasses
  • comfy bed
  • Rock & Roll Bed
  • Double Feather Duvet
  • Feather Pillows x 2
  • Double Fitted Sheet
  • Blanket (seasonal)
  • Thick Mattress
  • Mosquito nets
  • Outdoor
  • Braai / BBQ grid & tongs
  • Outside Table
  • Comfy Safari Camp Chairs
  • Candles & holder
  • Shade Awning
  • cooking
  • Whistling kettle
  • Stove top coffee maker
  • Pots & pans
  • Chopping board
  • Sharp knives
  • Colander
  • Grater
  • Egg lifter & Wooden spoon
  • Salt & pepper
  • tools
  • Spare tyre
  • Tyre repair kit
  • Jack & Tools

Hit the Road


DRIVE a modern Africana Camper

This modern T5 VW camper is extremely light on fuel, easy to drive and super comfortable, with a fitted kitchen, mini wardrobe and lots of shelves and storage areas. The campervan is self sufficient with its own solar electricity supply harnessing the African sun's energy and 220V. A full length awning gives you sun shelter and a sofa, chairs, cushions and tables ensure a relaxing time. All quality equipment is included, even running water and a sink for cleaning teeth and a large 80l fridge with freezer to keep your food and drinks lekker cold all day long. Book the 4-berth Africana VW T5 campervan with a fixed rooftop tent for 4 people to comfortably sleep and travel together.

T5 Modern Africana Camper
Custom Fitted Kitchen | Africana


Swing out the glamorous kitchen to cook up a feast or grab the braai grid and light up the bbq. A double burner gas stove with grill, washing up unit with removable sink plus a fitted small sink with running water and all cooking utensils is found in the fully equipped kitchen. This 2 to 4 berth mini motorhome includes everything you need - espresso coffee pot, singing kettle, pots, pans, wine goblets, glasses, stainless steel cutlery, steak knives and much more.

COOK in a Fitted Compact Kitchen

The kitchen in the Africana Eco Campervan is beautiful and may well make you want to take this campervan home with you. Stunning bamboo countertop complements gorgeous white cabinetry and stainless steel finishes - the finished look makes you want to say 'wow'!

The large slide-open door offers extended living space when seated in the dining area. A gas stove, washing up unit with running water and all cooking utensils are found in the fully fitted kitchen island. This 2+ berth mini motorhome comes equipped with everything you need to have a great South African holiday - stainless steel cutlery, crockery, braai/BBQ grid and a whistling kettle that reminds you that you are on holiday. There's even a storage box for wood or barbecue briquettes.

The large high quality 80 litre fridge with freezer compartment runs off the solar system with the vehicle's auxiliary dual battery, so it will always keep your food cold whilst you are cruising and continue running cold when you park up. When you stop at a campsite for long periods, there is an exterior plug fitted to the campervan and long extension lead which will allow you to easily plug into all powered campsites. The added option to use the solar power in the vehicle gives you more freedom and flexibility to camp in areas where electricity is not available. There are fitted electrical plugs inside to give you an opportunity to charge any other appliances you may have - such as your camera, mobile, ipad or laptop.

Africana Camper
Lekker Slaap Bed | Africana


Freshly ironed cotton linen with feather pillows & feather double duvet are provided for a truly lekker slaap. The bedroom comes alive when the rear sofa easily & quickly unfolds to form a pleasurable double bed with a comfortable thick and firm mattress. There is a night table for drinks and an electric reading light. Mosquito nets and lovely curtains all round ensure your extra privacy and comfort. This is not just camping, it is the best glamping available in the whole of Africa.

SNOOZE in the Lekker Slaap Bed

COMFY Bed for 2 with Double mattress, Fresh Linen ( feather pillows, cotton sheet, feather duvet & blanket)

Freshly ironed linen, feather pillows, sheet & double feather duvet are provided on a thick mattress to ensure a lekker slaap every night in your campervan. Mosquito nets at the windows mean you can leave the windows open to get a cool breeze and hear the amazing sounds and calls of the nocturnal african wildlife.

There is a night light and side table for your water or morning cup of tea and biscuit. You can even make your drink from the bed and no one will care about your morning hair. Make sure you try dunking some homemade African rusks in your morning tea or coffee - our favourite ones are made with lots of seeds, butter and buttermilk - naughty and yum!

Curtains all around the vehicle ensure privacy when changing or during the night, or why not go the lekker way and lie with the curtains open and gaze into the never ending stars whilst you fall into a dreamy comfortable sleep! Either way, you are sure to wake up in the morning feeling wonderfully refreshed and ready for another lekker day experiencing beautiful South Africa.

Safari Camper
Stylish Lounge | Africana


The Africana 2-4 berth Eco Campervan comes with an easy to use extra wide awning, table and chairs so that you can relax in comfort on your holiday in South Africa. There is also an indoor sofa and cushions perfect for lying down and reading a book. The solar panel system gives you free electricity for lighting, to charge devices and keep the large fridge with freezer lekker cold at all times. Just relax in comfort whilst watching the big 5 walk by and enjoy Africa at its very best.

RELAX in the Funky Lounge

Indoor / Outdoor Table, Chairs, Indoor Sofa, Cushions, Awning, CD/Radio player, Electric light…

The Africana VW campers are fully equipped with everything that you need for relaxing on your holiday in South Africa be it at the waterhole watching animals with a cup of tea or a cold beer back at the campsite. All the campervan interiors are built by South Africans to an extremely high standard with locally sourced products including elegant wood finishes and stainless steel handles - they are modern and comfortable. The hand crafted cabinetry is constructed from renewable plantation grown timber. Each camper has a clean and sophisticated interior with cupboards, wardrobe and drawers for your belongings. There is also a secure safe to keep your valuables.

When the camper van is parked up during the day, the inside or outside table can be used for a spot of lunch or perhaps a lekker favourite quick game of cards! The fitted kitchen has a grill and a double burner gas stove to put the kettle on or make some gourmet cuisine. The camp awning easily pops out and provides a welcome shelter against the African sun. The solar panel system ensures there is free electricity all the time so why not grab a glass of bubbly from the large fridge or an ice cream from the freezer whilst watching the big 5 stroll on by your campsite. This is magic in South Africa!

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