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Safari 4x4 Camper

Powerful and Reliable Automatic Toyota Landcruiser Prado Camper with a hard Rooftop tent ideal for a couple to get off the beaten track in comfort and style. Wake up to the sounds of the bush, birds and nature surrounding your camper for the ultimate overland experience. Easy to drive and heightened viewing with solar power, dual battery, large fridge freezer and all equipment included. Manufactured in Africa by Africans - Lekker Camper is proudly supporting local craftsmen & local businesses.

The stylish interior of the Lekker Camper Safari Toyota 4wd Campers is comfortable and spacious with leather seats, electric windows and all the gizmos you would expect of a superior 4x4 vehicle in South Africa. It provides a great smooth drive on gravel and tarmac and the long range fuel tank and fitted solar system means that you can really get out there off the beaten track with the knowledge that you are in a strong and reliable 4wd camper.

The rear area is custom built with a fitted kitchen, storage drawers and all equipment included. There is a double gas stove with grill for cooking and the essential braai grid and tongs for braaing at the campsite. A large 80 litre fridge freezer powered by the dual battery and fitted solar system ensures you have lekker cold beverages and food at all times. On top of the vehicle there is an easy to use pop up hard shell 2-berth roof tent with a thick mattress, feather bedding and pillows. A large pull out awning, table and comfortable chairs provide you with an African outdoor lounge and dining area.

This Safari 4x4 Solar Camper is the perfect choice for two travellers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and explore the real Africa in style. We particularly recommend this camper model for photographers, birders and adventurous travellers who want to get up close and personal to the wildlife and beauty in South Africa.

Vehicle Specifications
3 soft
1100 kms

Alarm Alarm Radio / CD Radio
Central locking Radio Climate Control Radio
Power Steering Radio Leather Seat Radio
Camp Guide & Maps Radio Air-con Radio
Equipment - 2 pax Camp guide ABS + Airbag Equiped
Solar system Radio AWD Radio
Dual Battery Radio Tyre repair kit Radio
25l Water tank Radio Long range fuel tank Radio
  • kitchen
  • Slide out kitchen
  • 2 Ring Gas stove
  • Matches / Lighter
  • Large Gas Bottle
  • Fire extinguisher
  • 80 litre 12V & 220V Fridge
  • Solar system
  • Solar System
  • Dual Battery
  • inverter
  • Multi-way plug
  • Lighting
  • Long Electricity cable
  • washing up
  • Washing up Moveable Sink
  • Dishcloth & tea towels
  • Running water
  • crockery
  • Crockery
  • Cutlery & steak knives
  • Dinner plates
  • Tea plates
  • Breakfast bowls
  • Coffee cups high quality
  • Wine goblets
  • Glass tumblers
  • Metal glasses
  • comfy bed
  • Rooftop Tent
  • Double Feather Duvet
  • Feather Pillows x 2
  • Double Fitted Sheet
  • Blanket (seasonal)
  • Thick Mattress
  • Mosquito nets
  • Outdoor
  • Braai / BBQ grid & tongs
  • Outside Table
  • Comfy Safari Camp Chairs
  • Candles & holder
  • Shade Awning
  • cooking
  • Whistling kettle
  • Pots & pans
  • Chopping board
  • Sharp knives
  • Colander
  • Grater
  • Egg lifter & Wooden spoon
  • Salt & pepper
  • tools
  • Tyre Compressor
  • Long Range Dual Fuel Tank
  • Tyre repair kit
  • Tool set

Hit the Gravel


DRIVE a Land Cruiser

This reliable automatic safari vehicle is powerful, incredibly easy to drive and can go where all standard cars can, but with awesome off road 4x4 capabilities and excellent high prime position viewing. This is perfect to see and photograph all the big 5 safari animals and sights on your self drive South African safari. The camp set up is quick and easy providing the ultimate overland experience. The front seating in the camper enables there to be plenty of room for 2 passengers to travel comfortably and safely.

T5 Modern Africana Camper
Slide out Kitchen | Safari


A fully equipped and fitted kitchen in the rear includes a double burner gas stove and grill, washing up unit and all cooking utensils. A large 80 litre 12V and 220V compressor fridge freezer is powered by the solar system and dual battery which keeps your food and drinks ice cold at all times. This 2-berth luxury SUV safari camper comes equipped with everything you need to have a lekker overland adventure in Africa...

COOK in a Fitted Compact Kitchen

The large rear door opens to reveal a fully equipped living space. A gas stove with grill, washing up unit and all cooking utensils are found in the compact fully fitted kitchen. This 2 berth safari campervan comes equipped with everything you need to have a great African holiday - stainless steel cutlery, crockery, braai/BBQ grid and a whistling kettle that reminds you that you are on holiday.

The large high quality stainless steel 80 litre 12V/220V electric fridge runs off the dual battery and solar power, so it will always keep your food cold whilst you are cruising. It will also silently continue running cold overnight when you park up. There's fitted multi-way plugs inside that give you the opportunity to charge your every day appliances - such as your camera batteries, mobile, ipad or laptop. LED lighting in the canopy and rooftop tent makes realxing with a book and cooking dinner a pleasure at any time of the day.

Africana Camper
Lekker Slaap Bed | Safari camper


The smart hardshell rooftop tent quickly and smoothly pops up to convert to a comfortable double bed with a super relaxing thick mattress. Freshly ironed linen with feather pillows and duvet, mosquito nets and an elevated position off the ground ensure a lekker long sleep.
You'll wake up in the morning feeling like you are on holiday in Africa and as happy as if you are on top of the world...

SNOOZE in the Lekker Slaap Bed

When you are ready for a Lekker sleep the rooftop easily and quickly converts into a cosy bedroom with a large comfortable double bed and a lekker thick mattress. Your rooftop tent has been especially designed so that it is painless to set up, making this a true glamping experience. Climb upstairs to your bedroom with freshly ironed linen, feather pillows, double feather duvet and thick blanket all provided to ensure a lekker slaap. Mosquito nets at the windows ensure your comfort.

The rooftop tent shell seals completely so you can stow away valuables and bedding and has a low profile glass fibre design ensuring wind noise is kept to a minimum when driving. Two strong gas shocks enable the tent to open by itself once the catches are released and it features a sun/rain shelter on the rear door. The unit is also fitted with LED lighting.

The elevated position means you don't have to worry about lions in your tent and get a great view. In the morning you can quietly watch the stunning sunrise and the awake of the resident African bird and animal life from the comfort of your bed. It is a great place to take a coffee and your binoculars!

Safari Camper
Outdoor living | Safari


The Safari Toyota campers come with everything that you need in order to relax on your holiday in South Africa. You will be comfortable on and off the road. All the Safari Solar Toyota Campervan interiors are built to an extremely high standard with a fitted solar system and dual battery on board, quality steel and wood finishes and stainless steel appliances - they are modern, comfortable, easy to use...

RELAX in the Funky Lounge

Lekker Safari Toyota Campers have everything that you need in order to relax on your holiday in South Africa. All the camper interiors are decorated to an extremely high standard with elegant steel and wood finishes and stainless steel handles - they are modern and comfortable. Each camper has a uniquely decorated interior with all the equipment that you need and that is perfectly suited to your safari 4wd camper holiday.

When the 4wd camper is parked up during the day, it is easy to use the table for lunch or perhaps a lekker favourite quick game of cards! Best of all is that everything keeps working due to the fitted dual battery and solar system - this means that you can be at a secluded beach or any non-powered site and you still have electrical power to run the fridge/freezer, charge your devices and keep lights on.

The fitted kitchen can be easily used to put the kettle on or make some gourmet cuisine on the 2 burner gas stove with grill. The large camp awning goes up very easily and provides a welcome shelter against the African sun. Why not grab an ice cold beer from the fridge and plug in your laptop, whilst watching the hyenas stalk around your campsite. Lekker Safari times!

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