lekker origin

lekker origen

the birth of lekker camper

Lekker Camper was born in 2005 after we, the Owners, came back from a long Round the World trip and then wanted to throw away the office suits and go back to our grass roots and travel Southern Africa. We thought the campervan and motorhome market was way overpriced.

Plus all those hidden extras drove us mad! To top that, we were fed up of finding foreign companies in South Africa employing no South Africans - why couldn't there be a proudly South African company?!!! - born and bred in South Africa .....and employing South Africans....plus those agents and middle men all wanting to make commission (for not doing a lot) drove us up the wall.

So Lekker Camper was born - a South African bred company employing South Africans, never (hardly ever ;-)) using agents and constantly challenging and shaking up the camping market in South Africa (trust us...the cobwebs need rattling!) We want to grow the South African tourism market and pride ourselves on being fair, honest and open and always passing the best offer possible to our lekker customers. That's why we can proudly say that 50% of our business is based upon return customers coming back year after year.

We specialise in Volkswagen (VW) hire offering 2-4 berth VW 'Classic' T3/T25 Campers rental, VW , modern VW 'Africana' T5 Camper rental, Toyota Safari 4x4 campers and VW Retro Kombi Hire (plus the odd SUV and MPV thrown in for good measure!) for the independent traveller that has limited funds to spend (but doesn't want to compromise on quality or style) and wants to travel for a lekker looong time, the lekker way. What you see is what you get! We are always searching around for the best deals on other vehicle hire and cool offers - so we are truly a 1-stop shop for all your travel requirements in South Africa. Keep in touch with us on facebook to hear all about it.

The Word Lekker

Use the word lekker often around South Africa and you'll get along just fine!

  • Lekker slaap - good night / sleep
  • Lekker braai = good BBQ
  • 'n Lekker sterk dop = a Stiff drink
  • Lekker ry = nice journey
  • Lekker dag = good day
  • How did you sleep? - Lekker
  • What is the meat like? - Baie lekker sag
  • Gooi lekker baie Whisky in
  • How far is the next town? Very far - Lekker vêr
  • See you. Have a great day! - Tot siens. Lekker dag!

Dis lekker my bru = Eish = It's going well bruvver.

GLAMPING : 100% Vanlife

Where will YOU go in yours?

Rent a VW Campervan for an AWESOME adventure in South Africa.
Thomas in Australia

Our first Camper in Australia

Toyota Hi-ace poptop

During a 3 month trip to Australia, we bought our very first Camper "Thomas". She was a grand old lady, but she planted the seed.


Our beloved Bontebok

2-Berth - Retro VW T3

It all started with the blue one. Better know as Bontebok. She has been through thick and thin with us.

2x Blue campers


One became Two

We liked her so much we got another one just the same. For her 21st birthday we gave her a brand new gearbox from VW South Africa!!

Vintage Camper

What is next

Freddie - bay window

We are busy restoring this 1971 Fleetline Camper. They were originally build by Cox camper in Cape Town. Hopefully we can keep up the good work.

Contact Us
  • info@lekkercamper.co.za
  • +27 765 923 989
  • Somerset West, Cape Town
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