LOCATION Tankwa Karoo | EVENT Crazy, completely nuts, out of this world collaborative city, musical and arts gathering created by a spirit of participation and volunteerism |
Bad, corrugated and dusty – drive very slowly | IDEAL VEHICLE Lekker Camper VW Campervan or Toyota Safari camper

Important Information

Latest Update - Currently we have one 5-8 seater Toyota Prado (not a camper) or a few 2-berth Classic campervans available. First come, first served so we really apologise if we are unable to accommodate your request and will let you know as quickly as we can.

Renting a Campervan from Lekker Camper


Campervans:  All Lekker Camper VW Campervans and Toyota Safari Campers can sleep 2 people comfortably in a double bed and come with all cooking, sleeping and relaxing equipment included for a lekker holiday.  You can check out lots more information in the faqs and campervan pages.  When you are parked up there is no aircon, no toilet and no shower on board - this is a gorgeous campervan, not a humungous unwieldly gas guzzling American RV. There are also plenty more photos on our Facebook page www.facebook/com/lekkercamper and Instagram and if you like us on Facebook (hint hint) then you will see when useful info gets posted.

Tents/Additional People: Only 2-berth campervans are available for Afrika Burn. We do not rent additional tents or equipment for this period. The campervans are equipped and designed for max 2 people only.


General Info

Looking After your Vehicle: It is the customers responsibility to look after their vehicle from the moment the rental starts until they safely return it to a member of Lekker Camper. Any loss or damage is for the customers account. Please drive responsibly and remember that there are police (real ones, not the ones in fancy dress) at Afrika Burn and on the surrounding roads. We really want you to be safe and have a great time.

Driving Safely:  Your safety is really important.  Most accident, tyre and windscreen damage could be avoided by travelling at 60 km / hour.  Therefore we impose a maximum 60km/h speed limit on the gravel road R355 to/from the festival.  This is to protect you, as we really do not want you to have an accident.  There are many crazy ignorant drivers out there - ignore them , stay cool and stick to a low speed and enjoy the tankwa. You have come all the way to enjoy the Tankwa after all so what's the hurry?! Due to the type of rocks in this area, punctures do remain a high probability.  Drive slowly and cautiously.  Be very observant.  Avoid the stony middle mannetjie.  Do not overtake.  Do not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol or anything that may impact the quality of your driving.

The Roads:  The roads to Afrika Burn are notorious and extremely bad, specifically the last 110kms+- on the R355 to/from Afrika Burn festival where the road surface has sharp rocks that will make your teeth rattle and is corrugated to shake things you have never seen shake before. The tar roads are generally in very good condition. We make sure that all our vehicles are in excellent mechanical order before you rent them.  As per all our rentals, you are welcome to take as much time as you like to thoroughly check the vehicle, take photos and ask questions.  Once you are completely satisfied sign and accept the camper, you are fully responsible for it. You are choosing to drive along one of the worst gravel roads in South Africa at your own risk (note: this road is on the ‘no go’ list of every standard rental company!). If you do run into any difficulties, then we will of course assist you as quickly as we can.  
Any windscreen, tyre, tyre rim, undercarriage or tyre damage or any repair, replacement or other costs is entirely for your (the customers) account.  On return we check all vehicles and tyres at an independent national tyre and mechanical centre and any damage, alignment, damaged rims or tyres will be fixed or replaced on your, the customers, account.

Signage: Lekker Camper have very very small limited signage on their vehicles and we please ask you not to ruin it. This must not be tampered with or covered in any way or it will contravene the t&cs and you will lose your deposit.

Sticky Tape / Attachments : We do not allow any sticky tape or anything to be attached to the vehicle. It damages the vehicle and paintwork.

Bikes: Limited bikes with racks available - first come, first served. Please add as an extra when you make your booking.

Tow Bars: Our vehicles do not come fitted with tow bars and we do not permit towing.


Survival at Afrika Burn

Water:  There is no water available at Afrika Burn.  The VW T3 Campervans do not have running water on board, but you can rent water containers from us.  The VW T5 Campervans and the Toyota Safari 4x4 campers have a small sink which is suitable for cleaning your teeth or washing your hands only, but not enough for the festival duration.  Take your own water for everything (washing, drinking, cleaning etc.) but do not take too much and do not waste it. Water is a precious resource in South Africa - we beg you to use water sparingly and please do not waste water. If you have any water remaining at the end of the festival then bring it back with you so that it can be used sensibly - please do not just throw it away.  25 litre water containers (empty) are available to rent - just add in the Comments section when you book.

Ice:  There is nothing for sale except ice at Afrika Burn.  You may buy ice to keep your food and drinks cold, but you’ll need to ensure that all water is removed from fridges on a regular (at least daily) basis.  Leaking water will damage the campervan units. Use leftover melted ice for cooking or cleaning. We recommend renting a cooler box from Lekker Camper as the ice queue can be long and isn't always close to your campsite. 25 litre cool boxes are available to rent - just add in the Comments section when you book.

Food:  There is no food or anything for sale at Afrika Burn.  Take all food and required items with you.  Do not take too much, but do take enough.  Click here for a Lekker Camper Afrika Burn recommended shopping list. Dried food and tinned food works well. All campervans have a gas stove for cooking. The following shops will deliver: Woolworths - . There are lots of supermarkets in Cape Town (Waterfront and Gardens), Somerset West (Waterstone Village) and in Worcester (Mountain Mill shopping centre). Afrika Burn operates on a gifting ideology, so you may find some yummy food kindly offered to you at various camps but this should not be relied upon for all your eats! Take all rubbish away with you.  Do not overload the vehicle as this represents a safety issue and you may cause an accident or be stopped by the police. 

Electricity:  There is no electricity at Afrika Burn.  If you want electricity then you can either rent a solar package from Lekker Camper or get access to your own generator through a camp or privately. Without electricity, the fridge and lights will only work for approx. 1 day after you park up, after which your boerewors, gin and tonic and craft beers may get warm.  Running the engine stationary for long periods of time in the hot weather at the festival will cause battery issues and/or damage to the vehicle - do not do it. All campervans (except Toyota 4x4 Safari campers) are fitted with an external plug with an extension lead to plug into 220v electricity. All campers have internal electrical sockets which only work when you are driving, plug into electricity or have a solar package (for low wattage items only). 

Solar Packages for Rent:  The solar panels should ensure all cameras & iPads stay charged and the refreshments and meat are ice cold.  It is deisgned for 2 peoples normal use. The solar package is suitable for low wattage appliances only such as camera batteries, phones, tablets and the provided lights and fridge.  It is NOT suitable for high wattage appliances such as hairdryers, hair straighteners etc. as they will overload and break the system.  The other electrical items such as the fridge will then stop working. The power collected by the solar system is dependent on the hours of direct sunlight during the day and the power used.  Save power by charging items during the day, minimise opening the fridge and turn off lights when not in use.

Toilets and Showers: There are compost toilets and portaloos at Afrika Burn which the community do their best to keep nice - you may wish to consider pimping a loo as your contribution to the event. The compost toilets on the outer edges of the burn, which are enclosed on three or four sides with no roof, have lovely views of the desert and are generally more pleasant than the enclosed stinky portaloos. There are no official showers at Afrika Burn, except some camps that may offer you a shower (perhaps naked). If you want to wash, use biodegradable wet wipes or bring a portable solar camping shower and extra water, or our recommendation is to make do with a bucket, flannel and some biodegradeable soap - your grandparents did it, most Africans still do it daily - you won't die by not having a shower for a few days and using a bucket and flannel instead! Make sure your products are biodegradable. It is strongly encouraged to collect the grey water, try to evaporate it and bring back any remaining. The Lekker Camper campervans do not have toilets or showers on board.

Mobile/Cell Phones:  There is normally no or very limited mobile reception at Afrika Burn and from our understanding it drops at some point on the way to the festival, depending on which operator you are with. 

Equipment Shops:  If you want to buy any additional equipment then there are lots of outdoor shops in South Africa. The following shops will also deliver: TakeALot - , Outdoor Warehouse -, Makro - . Please don't overload your vehicle as it is dangerous.


Booking Information

  • We operate on a first come, first served basis.  We do not ‘hold’ campervans for customers, as it is not fair to other customers.  If you wish to book your campervan, then you need to book securely on the website and pay the full remaining balance by EFT/bank transfer.  One booking per campervan. 
  • The full remaining rental balance needs to be paid by EFT/bank transfer within 7 days of making your booking. Proof of payment must be emailed to in order to keep your vehicle reservation, with no exceptions whatsoever. 
  • If you want a solar package, and/or trailer then add this in the Optional extras section when you book. This is subject to availability.  
  • If you want water containers or something else specific then tell us in the Comments section of your booking.
  • Delivery - we will try our best to deliver to you when and where you ask but please be patient with us as this is an extremely busy time and we are also dependant on traffic and flights. The AB delivery schedule will be finalised closer to the time.
  • There is a minimum rental duration over this period which is reflected in your online quote. 
  • You can opt to take the campervan for less days, but you will still pay for the minimum period. 
  • The chosen excess will be locked on your credit card on the working day before your rental.  Please ensure that your credit card will work for international payments (check with your bank) and have sufficient funds available, as no refunds or exceptions will be made if you credit card does not work. 
    - If cancelled 90 days or more before pick-up = 25% of total rental balance paid by customer
    - If cancelled 90 to 30 days before pick-up = 50% of total rental balance paid by customer
    - If cancelled 30 days to 7 days before pick up = 75% of total rental balance paid by customer
    - If cancelled less than 7 days or no show = 100% of of total rental balance paid by customer
    - If vehicle is returned early for any reason no refund will be considered
    Please note: -
    • In all the above instances, bank transfer fees are for the customers account. Lekker Camper can non not be held responsible for any changes in currency rates and deal in ZAR (South Africa Rand) only.
    • Any refunds authorised can only be paid back to the account where they came fromIn general the South African banks will only allow a refund to be processed back to the account where they were paid from. This is to prevent fraud and money laundering.
    • Cancellations must be made by the Customer in writing to Lekker Camper.
  • To ensure cover, for example in the event of not being able to travel or use the booking, it is recommended that the hirer obtain his or her own travel insurance in advance.
  • Bookings are non transferable i.e. can not be changed to another person


Sorry.  We know that all these ‘rules’ seem a little dull, but this is the only way that we can safely continue to rent out our campervans and vehicles for the festival. We want you to have a great and happy Afrika Burn - it can be a crazy, fun and wonderful experience to be part of and it may just blow you away! 

We look forward to hearing from you.  If you do have any queries, then please do not hesitate to pop us an email ( or check out our website.

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